At Master Mechanic we provide a full range of automotive services and regular maintenance for all vehicle makes and models. Using state-of-the-art equipment, your Master Mechanic technician is specially trained to inspect, diagnose and repair every part of your vehicle.

Do you need new tires? Master Mechanic can help! Hearing a strange noise, or noticing your car is pulling awkwardly to the right? Maybe your fuel economy isn’t what it used to be or there’s a funny smell in the cabin. The professionals at Master Mechanic will find diagnose the problem and provide you with solutions so you can drive safely and with confidence.

We Offer a Personalized Experience

With over 40 locations across Ontario, it’s easy to find a trustworthy and professional Master Mechanic technician near you. Our technicians are licensed and fully trained to service all makes and models from your standard sedan to your modern hybrid and even electric vehicles (EV’s). Our technicians not only perform your service but will explain it to you, too. That’s the Master Mechanic advantage – you get to talk to the mechanic.

We Provide Trusted Service Based on the Facts

At Master Mechanic, we know how to answer the ‘tough’ questions like “What’s that clink, clank, clunk sound coming from my car?”

Whatever the issue, our certified technicians will ensure you and your vehicle are taken care of, and that each issue is thoroughly explained. We will never leave you wondering what the problem was or what we did to fix it. Our technicians always take the time to speak directly with you, letting you know exactly what is going on with your vehicle including what needs immediate attention for your safety, and what services can wait to be performed. Our goal is to make sure that you not only leave our shop in a road-safe vehicle, but leave feeling confident in our repairs, diagnosis, and the decisions made about your car.

We Give You the Tools to Learn

We know vehicles can be complicated. That’s why we believe in education. We want you to be well informed and have a basic understanding about your vehicle’s systems and parts. Our team at Master Mechanic takes great pride in educating you about the benefits of regular maintenance services such as oil changes, tire rotations, and wheel alignments to increase the longevity of your vehicle and to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Want more information about your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule? Check out our Factory Scheduled Maintenance page!

Our Customers Know Us Best!

At Master Mechanic, our technicians are known locally across Ontario communities for their expertise, knowledge, and ability when it comes to your vehicle. Want to know more about us? Check out what our customers have to say about their experience at Master Mechanic. Their feedback gives you real-time insight into what you can expect when you visit a Master Mechanic location near you!

Find your nearest Master Mechanic location here!

Why Choose Master Mechanic?

You rely on professionals for the best advice when it comes to things like your health and your finances. When it comes to your vehicle, your Master Mechanic technician is a highly skilled professional that you can rely on for experienced automobile servicing and maintenance. Our technicians will get to know you and your car for personalized care that you can trust.


Strong Expertise
Excellent service and quality of work. It is nice to be able to trust the expertise of the team here. Highly recommend!

Cassie F, Whitby

Great Assistance
Everyone in the shop was very kind. They took the time to explain issues to me and the best ways to resolve them. I really appreciated the service and urgency in which they assisted me.

Mishelle R, Bramalea-Dixie

I recommend him to everyone. Great mechanics and team all around.

Fazal Nabey, Markville – Markham

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