Vehicle Types

Gas / Diesel Vehicles

Gas and diesel cars are the most popular vehicles on the road today and can be found in models ranging from sports cars to SUVs and everything in between. 

While both use internal combustion within the engine to turn fuel into mechanical energy, they also have some significant differences. 

In a gasoline engine, the fuel mixes with air compressed by pistons. The spark plugs ignite this mixture to start the vehicle and keep it moving. In a diesel engine, the air is first compressed and heated. The fuel will ignite when it hits the hot air to operate the vehicle.

Since gasoline and diesel engines operate differently, they require different types of fuel. The fuel used by a diesel vehicle is thicker than gasoline making it more energy dense and slower to evaporate. Diesel engines also tend to have fewer parts, requiring less maintenance and repairs, and they tend to get better mileage performance.

At Master Mechanic, we service ALL makes and models of both gas and diesel cars!

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