Maintenance and Preventative Services

Oil & Filter Change


Engine oil is an important element in a vehicle that performs many functions under tremendous heat and pressure to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and safely. First, it prevents the metal components in your engine from contacting each other and wearing out due to friction, second, it transfers heat away from the combustion cycle, and third, it holds the by-products from the combustion cycle.


Over time, the additives in your engine oil will wear out as your oil becomes saturated with contaminants and dirt. When this occurs, your engine oil is no longer able to perform its job sufficiently and an engine oil and filter change is required. We recommend strictly following your manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule.


During an oil and filter change, the old engine oil is drained from your vehicle and the old oil filter is removed. Once that is done, new engine oil is added to your vehicle and a new oil filter is installed. 

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