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As a Master Mechanic franchise owner, you will get ongoing support to grow your business into the success we know it will be!

Master Mechanic provides you with:

  • Reliable Reputation and Brand Strength – Since 1982, Master Mechanic has been delivering dependable, trusted, professional, and consistent automotive services to communities across Ontario. The phrase “At Master Mechanic, you talk to the mechanic” has become a well-known and trusted slogan.
  • Solid and Turnkey Business Model – Master Mechanic has proven to be a steady business model even during some of the most challenging economic times. Our business maintains consistency and is not as volatile as most since people will always need their cars to be in good working order. They may even put off purchasing a new vehicle to fix their current one in tougher economic times.
  • Commitment to Ongoing Training and Support – We provide ongoing business and technical training for new and existing franchisees based on our uniform policies and processes that support consistency and quality.

Regional/Local Marketing and Promotional Support – We share the essence of the Master Mechanic brand through multiple marketing platforms to attract new customers and retain existing customers. We work directly with our franchisees to connect with their local communities through grassroots marketing and promotional activities while maintaining a consistent brand message.

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