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6 Interesting Facts About Mechanic Garages

When you bring your vehicle to one of our Master Mechanic Garages for auto repairs or maintenance, there’s a lot that happens once your vehicle is in the shop! Before any repair work can be performed we must first properly diagnose the problem, and it’s not always as simple as reading the car’s computer. At Master Mechanic, your vehicle will undergo a full inspection in order to figure out what’s really wrong and to prevent further damage. How do we do it? We’ll share some tips and tricks from our mechanic shop that you might find very interesting!

Up-to-Date on Recall Notices

Has your mechanic ever told you that your car has a recall notice or Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)? Mechanics don’t actually memorize hundreds of recalls. At Master Mechanic, we have access to recall notices and TSB’s published by your vehicle’s manufacturer. We review these as part of our inspection and diagnostic routine.  

Expert & Experienced Diagnostic Workflows

Beware of mechanic garages that claim they can diagnose your car problems by simply reading your car’s computer, providing you with a “code” and recommending parts replacement without further diagnosis. Car problems can rarely be fully diagnosed by only reading the car’s computer. Of course, the computer will provide insightful information of where the issues are happening on the vehicle, but an expert mechanic should certainly perform a full inspection on your vehicle to arrive at the correct conclusion and repair recommendations.

Regular Inspections & Maintenance Service

As much as mechanic garages do benefit from auto repair job, we actually would rather see and help maintain our customer’s vehicles stay in good working order. At Master Mechanic, we prefer to schedule regular maintenance appointments. This is to avoid unnecessary damage and save you money in the long term.

Provide Lower Cost Recommendations

Your auto mechanic should provide you with a list of recommended repairs that should be done immediately as well as repairs that you can leave for the time being and consider in the near future. This effort is to keep you informed and be 100% transparent regarding the health of your vehicle. If your shop doesn’t provide you with recommendations, definitely ask. It’s better to be proactive than reactive. 

Fluid Maintenance

Did you know your car actually runs on six different fluids that require maintenance? When you bring your car in for an oil change, it’s important to inspect the levels of these vital fluids:

    1. Motor oil
    2. Coolant
    3. Power steering fluid
    4. Brake fluid
    5. Transmission fluid
    6. Windshield washer fluid

Although this list might be a little tricky to remember, our Master Mechanics will be sure to check your car’s fluids, and let you know should you require any fluid maintenance!

Reading Your Reviews & Feedback

Auto mechanic garages like reviews too! If you’ve ever visited one of our Master Mechanic locations and had a positive experience with our service? Please let us and other potential customers know! Provide an online review that could help others in the area find a trusted mechanic and help us ensure we provide you with the same great service in the future.

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