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Auto Repair Oakville: Dealership vs. Mechanic Shop

Oakville has quite a few car dealerships. You’ve probably asked yourself, “is it better to have my car serviced where I bought it, or at an independent shop?”

According to an article published in 2015 by Consumer Reports, independent shops outscore dealerships in “overall satisfaction, price, quality, courteousness of the staff, and work being completed when promised”. Here’s how you can get a clearer picture of the difference between auto repair at Oakville dealerships versus independent shops:

Do Your Homework

Regardless of whether you are considering a dealership or an independent shop for auto repair in Oakville (or anywhere) you need to feel comfortable trusting your mechanic. Visit potential auto service providers to check their credentials, what equipment they have or use, and whether you get along with your mechanic.

Auto Expertise

The most common argument in favour of auto repair at Oakville dealerships is that their mechanics almost exclusively work on the cars sold at their workplace. That’s a fair point. But mechanics at independent shops benefit from working on many different vehicles.

Families that need auto repair in Oakville might prefer the diverse experience of mechanics at independent shops. Many families in Oakville have more than one vehicle, so it’s helpful to have one reliable mechanic, instead of taking different cars to different places.

Longer Lasting Relationship

One more thing to consider: if you replace, for example, a Ford with a Dodge (or vice-versa), then your auto repair experience at an Oakville Ford dealership doesn’t help you. With an independent shop, you have the opportunity to build a relationship that outlasts your vehicles.

Vehicle Warranty

Some car owners worry that having work done at an independent shop might invalidate the warranty. This is not the case. If you choose an independent shop for auto repair in Oakville, they can advise you if a specific repair or component should be covered under the manufacturer’s new car warranty. We also recommend keeping a record of any auto service you’ve completed, so you can prove it has been regularly serviced.

Auto Repair Costs

When looking for auto repair in Oakville, you’re more than likely to get a better deal at an independent shop. If you need replacement parts you’ll find the dealer’s rates may be more expensive than your local auto parts store.   However, be aware that most shops won’t install parts you bought elsewhere – because they would not be able to offer a warranty on parts they did not provide.

Friendly & Comfortable Atmosphere

In the past, many car owners felt car dealerships provided auto service as an opportunity to make more sales. To be fair many dealerships have put more focus on auto car sales and add auto services for upkeeps sake. Regardless, some car owners still may not feel comfortable having to re-visit the dealership – it’s a personal preference.

Whenever you are choosing a mechanic, it’s important to do research on your vehicle and the people servicing it. Take these points into consideration and choose carefully when it comes to auto repair in Oakville.

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