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Car Cleaning Tips: Spring Cleaning Is Not Just For Your Home!

For most of us, it can seem like we actually spend more time in our cars than at home. Whether we’re commuting in traffic to work or driving out of the city for the weekend, many of us feel as if we are almost living out of our vehicle. Despite how much we use our cars, some of us manage to put off cleaning our prized possession for months at a time (especially during the winter) and that’s generally too long to wait.

Spring is just right around the corner and with some much warmer weather coming our way we suggest to set aside a few hours for a car spring cleaning!

Here are 5 easy spring cleaning tips for your car:

Wash, Vacuum and Wax

Wash away the salt of winter, use a brush and soap suds to really scrub the dirt from your car.  Thoroughly vacuum the interior and when you’re finished, polish the exterior with a finishing wax. Watch how your car glistens under the sun and warm Spring weather!

Take Your Car in For Service

Bring your car into your local Master Mechanic for service and general maintenance where a few important checks will be performed:

  • Headlights and taillights are working.
  • Wear and tear check on wiper blades.
  • Full inspection of the brakes. Hence, an inspection of the hydraulic system and brake line condition for corrosion and brake pad condition and thickness.
  • Electrical checks, which will include:  The battery, alternator and starter motor. The battery will be checked for leaks and obvious signs of damage. The wiring is also checked for signs of wear and damage.

Vehicle Fluid Changes

  • The engine oil level will be checked and replaced as needed.
  • Windshield washer fluid.
  • Engine coolant levels will be inspected and topped up as needed.
  • Power steering fluid will be inspected and topped up as needed.

Change Your Winter Tires

You should remove your winter tires as soon as outside temperatures are consistently above 7 degrees Celsius as winter tires are made with unique rubber compounds that allow them to be more flexible and improve traction in cold weather. Driving on winter tires at temperatures above 7 degrees celsius will cause accelerated wear and greatly reduce their usable life.

Head into Spring with the peace of mind of knowing your car is not only fresh and clean, but it is in great working order. Since Spring can be one of the busiest seasons for mechanics as a lot of vehicle owners are preparing to de-winterize their cars, it’s best to book an appointment with a trusted mechanic ahead of time, for fast and reliable service.

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