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The Importance of Oil Changes

I was told to have oil changes every 5,000 kilometres, is this correct? Typically you should have your engine oil changed every 5,000 kilometres. However, this could vary depending on the vehicle. It’s best to check the owner’s manual for this information. It’s important to know that engine oil doesn’t last forever. If you’re doing a lot of driving, it’s […]

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‘Moms Know Best’ Car Maintenance Tip 2: Routine Maintenance

Have you ever had this happen to you? You’re driving along and you notice a new noise or worse your vehicle starts to run poorly and it seems like it might even stall, leaving you stranded on the side of the road!! Situations like these are stressful for any vehicle owner and are 99% avoidable, here’s how…

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‘Mom Knows Best’ Car Maintenance Tip 4: Tire Damage

A flat or blown tire is every mom’s worst nightmare – especially when their children are in the car. This article will discuss what can be done to prevent tire damage and common causes for this occurrence – including potholes, excessive speed, under inflation, over inflation and impact/road hazards. What causes tire damage? Jamie: “Your vehicle’s tires are the only […]

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‘Mom Knows Best’ Car Maintenance Tip 5: Engine Light

This article discusses the top five (common) reasons why an engine light may come on, including catalytic converter replacement, the gas cap being loose, spark plug replacement, mass airflow sensor and oxygen sensor. By discussing each of these, it’ll give moms peace-of-mind and help them avoid future problems down the road. Will I damage my vehicle if I drive with […]

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Importance of Regular Car Servicing

Why is it important to schedule regular car maintenance services? Automobiles are complex, as every type and brand of car is compiled of different parts, structure and design. With something so complex, it’s important when seeking help, to find someone who is experienced and understands these differences.   We rely heavily on our cars to get us from point A […]

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How To Extend The Life of Brakes

How can I extend the life of my brakes? The brakes in your car are integral to the safety of your vehicle, which is why visiting your local Master Mechanic for regular brake service is important. Aside from these regular check-ups, there are also many things you can do to keep your brakes in great condition and extend their overall […]

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5 Reasons Not To Let Your Friend Repair Your Car

Why shouldn’t I have my friend repair my car for me? We all have that one friend who is great with cars, lawnmowers, boats, and can fix anything – or so he claims. When you are facing car repairs that might run you a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars it can be tempting to hand your car […]

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