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A Service Guide to Critical Parts On Your Vehicle

At Master Mechanic, we want to help you get the most from your vehicle. We are a full-service facility ready to tackle any problem you and your car might have. More importantly, we get to know our customers and their vehicles over time to create a strong relationship that’s built on trust. We believe that informed customers are the most […]

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How To Prepare For Unexpected Auto Repair

Being Ready for Unexpected Auto Repair Having to deal with unexpected auto repairs can be stressful. Many people can’t afford to be left without a vehicle, not even for a day. They rely on it to get to and from work, or to drive their children to school and extracurricular activities. No one wants to get stuck roadside, having to […]

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Is Your Car’s Air Conditioner Not Working?

Suffering through the summer heat with no air conditioning isn’t much fun, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hot car. Sure, you can roll down the windows, but your relief will be short-lived once you come to a stop or get stuck in traffic. All of this makes investing in your car’s air conditioning repair worth it! During […]

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Brake Service: Everything You Need To Know

The braking system is one of the most important systems in your vehicle. Everyone wants peace of mind in knowing that their brakes are not going to fail and that they will be able to bring their vehicle safely to a stop.   The following are some indications that your brakes require an inspection from your local Master Mechanic. Vehicle […]

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Importance of Regular Car Servicing

Why is it important to schedule regular car maintenance services? Automobiles are complex, as every type and brand of car is compiled of different parts, structure and design. With something so complex, it’s important when seeking help, to find someone who is experienced and understands these differences.   We rely heavily on our cars to get us from point A […]

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How To Find A Trusted Mechanic

How Do I Find a Trusted Mechanic? Your car is an investment. Keeping your car well maintained and running safely is crucial to your livelihood, your family’s safety and your peace of mind. The best way to ensure your car is running smoothly is to keep your eyes and ears open and to take it in for regular service at […]

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5 Reasons Not To Let Your Friend Repair Your Car

Why shouldn’t I have my friend repair my car for me? We all have that one friend who is great with cars, lawnmowers, boats, and can fix anything – or so he claims. When you are facing car repairs that might run you a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars it can be tempting to hand your car […]

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