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Keeping Up With Automotive Tools & Equipment

For the modern auto mechanic, keeping up with the latest information technology, tools, and equipment is hard. It is like living in a world where the rules are constantly evolving. As you know, the automotive industry is ever-changing. As a result, an auto mechanic’s education and training are always ongoing, even on a day-to-day basis. Gaining knowledge and experience for the job is not the only challenge. Automotive shops like Master Mechanic have to keep up with all the specialized car repair tools and equipment to get the job done right!

You may think that doing your own car repairs at home could save you money, but in reality, when you consider the cost of purchasing specialized tools needed to complete the repairs, it becomes apparent that hiring a professional who is already fully equipped may actually be more effective. Our experts at Master Mechanic use top automotive tools they keep close at hand and use these tools to provide the best service possible for their customers.

Below are the top tools that a modern auto mechanic will have at their shop:

Battery-Powered Impact Wrench

It’s actually quite surprising how many professionals routinely use a heavy-duty battery-powered impact wrench to blast off any nut or bolt, and not only when they are working outside. Even with compressed air tools readily available, most auto mechanics find this tool quite handy.

Flex Head Ratchet

When asked about their favourite hand tool, the staff at Master Mechanic recommend the Flex Head Ratchet. Perfect for tune-ups, the ultra-thin head allows them to reach into tight spaces and the flex feature allows them to pivot the handle to gain maximum leverage for loosening fasteners and bolts.

Brake Caliper Spreader

Changing your brake pads at home may seem like an easy enough task, however, have you ever tried to force the brake callipers apart without a specialized tool? It’s very difficult, which is why Master Mechanic considers a Brake Caliper Spreader a valuable tool. With frequent brake repair services being offered, this tool is designed to hold the brake callipers apart in order to access the rotors or brake pads.

Snap-on Air Ratchet

The price on this tool may seem excessive at first glance, but after you give it go, you’ll know why it’s a specialized tool pro mechanics have on hand daily. You just slip on a socket on a bolt and press the trigger. This snap-on air ratchet has enough power to break it loose and spin off the bolt in seconds.

The next time you need maintenance or repairs on your vehicle, don’t break the bank on tools and equipment. Come in and speak to one of our expert staff at Master Mechanic on how we can help you get your car back on the road or set up a regularly scheduled maintenance with us.  

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