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Master Mechanic Cambridge is making Noise

Master Mechanic Cambridge is making Noise about mental health.

A night of Noise

On April 7th, 2018, Noise hosted a fundraising event at the Oakville Golf Club to raise money towards awareness projects for mental health both online and off. The night was for the surrounding community to engage in raffle prizes, learning more about this new organization and ways they can become involved.

Master Mechanic Cambridge was honoured to be asked to sponsor the event.

About Noise

Noise’s mission is to create more missions. To create more love. More magic. More happiness. More NOISE- a brand dedicated to being louder about life, louder about the things that we NEED to talk about. It’s about working with and advocating for businesses that support a positive life, mind, body, and soul.

From the President

Read what Master Mechanic Cambridge’s president, Dave, said about the event:

“It was an inspiring event that involved great conversation about mental health in Canada, raffle prizes and other activities for attendees. I was thankful to be involved in this great cause and look forward to being able to continue to work with them in the future. As an owner, I think about my own staff, and always want them to be able to talk to me if they are having any difficulties, both at work and in their personal lives. We spend most of our lives working, so I want to make sure my work environment at Master Mechanic is one where my employees are happy.”

Master Mechanic Cambridge

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