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Master Mechanic: Four Commonly Overlooked Types of Car Maintenance

Any Master Mechanic will be the first to tell you that following your manufacturer’s recommended service schedule is the best way to maintain your car. More often than not, drivers don’t follow all–or some–of the recommended service intervals. We get it. Sometimes it’s because of cost; sometimes people simply forget. Other times, drivers simply don’t know. When people think of routine maintenance, they tend to remember things like oil changes and air filters. Anything above and beyond can be perceived as an unjustified cost, and therefore, won’t get looked at until it breaks. We caught up with a Master Mechanic to discuss the most overlooked–but needed–car maintenance.

Brake fluid flush

Brake fluid attracts and absorbs moisture–even in a sealed brake system. If never flushed, this could lead to ] rust and corrosion in your hydraulic brake system. Not good. Most owner’s manuals provide specific recommended intervals for brake fluid flushes. If your manufacturer doesn’t specify a time, we recommend having your brake fluid flushed every three years or 60,000 kilometres.

Automatic transmission fluid flush

In an effort to make vehicles seem more convenient, automotive manufacturers are selling cars with “lifetime transmission fluid”. When drivers hear this, they rightfully think that their transmission fluid never needs to be changed. That’s not the case. Even in a modern car’s transmission, fluids still degrades. If you want to optimally maintain your transmission, we suggest that you change the fluid every 100,000 kilometres.

Coolant change

Coolant is also touted as another “lifetime fluid” in many new cars. This is not entirely true. With normal use, your coolant also degrades over time, and the PH balance can shift. This increases the chance of damage in your cooling system or engine. Not a price you want to pay for ‘convenience’. We recommend changing your coolant every 70,000 – 100,000 kilometres, depending on use.

Cabin air filter

A cabin air filter is used to filter the air coming into your car from outside. Whether it’s a particulate filter, which removes dust and pollen from the air, or an activated charcoal filter which also helps remove smells and pollutants, all air filters help with air quality. Replacement is usually inexpensive, and can impact the health and comfort of your passengers.

This list is by no means a full list of the maintenance that drivers skip, it’s just some of the most common we see! Like we stated earlier, you should always follow your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for all service.

If it’s time for routine maintenance or you have any questions about your car, don’t hesitate to contact your local Master Mechanic today.

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