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How Do I Know My Wheels Aren’t in Alignment?

Whether you drive in the best circumstances or not, your car’s wheel alignment is constantly changing. Driving on icy roads, hitting curbs and running over potholes instantly alters your car wheels’ alignment. Here are some indicators it’s time for you to get your alignment checked:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Vehicle pulls left or right while driving straight
  • Needing to hold onto the steering wheel to drive straight
  • After changing your tires
  • After changing any suspension or steering parts
  • After any significant impact

Why the Hofmann System is Accurate

The Hofmann System delivers sophistication in a compact computer, which tackles every job quickly, efficiently, and accurately. The System provides instant access to critical tasks in a resourceful flow, ensuring vehicle-specific accuracy. Some of its great features include:

Optimized Vehicle Selection Process

  • Quick access to your car’s history on the home screen.
  • Includes a comprehensive selection of vehicle makes/years/models.
  • Manual and scanner Vehicle Identification Number select, with a live lookup feature.

Video Speed Cameras Constantly Monitor Alignments & Provide Info.

  • Advanced cameras are able to detect wheel rotation tests at high speeds.
  • Accurately recognize errors and immediately notify users during alignments.
  • Safeguards in place to warn technicians when corrective action is required.
  • The critical error leading to a bad alignment is detected – the user is notified that corrective action is required.

Automatic Height Tracking

  • Ensures wheel alignment heights are tracked and tested.
  • Provides optimum wheel placement with  advanced XD targets and cameras, this allows for more speed and accuracy with every alignment.

Why the Wheel Aligner is Good for Your Car

The Hofmann Geoliner 770 gets it right the first time using technology that allows alignments to be more accurate than ever! Book your wheel alignment today with Master Mechanic Matheson; call us at (905) 502-6550 and check out our website to find out more about our services.

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