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Master Mechanic Meadowvale – Riders Against Hunger

Gold Sponsors

Mark & the Master Mechanic Meadowvale Team are proud to be a Gold Sponsor for the 8th Annual Ride Against Hunger supporting Eden Food for Change. They will be riding in the event on Saturday, August 18th and encourage any motorcyclists in the Mississauga area to join them!

What is the ‘Riders Against Hunger’?

The 8th Annual Riders Against Hunger is a motorcycle charity ride that helps Eden Food for Change. A committed, devoted group of passionate bikers who share the same passion to do good for the community will ride and raise money to donate to Eden Food for Change. We encourage all to make a donation or donate an item to be auctioned as a prize to raise funds for this food bank. For more information about the ride, please visit

About Eden Food for Change

This local food bank, located in western Mississauga, has been serving hungry families with emergency food for over 25 years. It provides 400 families with food and advocacy assistance every month.  Their newer feature, Learning Kitchen, has been around for 5 years and produces healthy, nutritious meals to distribute to their client families. Their Fresh Produce Box Program was created 4 years ago, and it provides 400 families a week with discounts to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.

When is the Ride?

Saturday, August 20th, 2018.

How Can I Get Involved?

We are looking for donations from a variety of categories and of different values. The donation of any item will aid in attracting more participants to come out and ride with us on the day of the event. This will increase funds and, ultimately, help the food bank to provide the hungry with food.

Please donate to this life changing cause. You and your business can help a family in need and will be recognized for your donation at the event. Contact us at [email protected] or call 905-821-2353 for details.

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