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‘Mom Knows Best’ Car Maintenance Tip 6: Car Overheated

A common problem in very hot weather, an overheating vehicle can be very stressful – especially if you are left stranded with your children in the car. This article will discuss car maintenance tips to help your vehicle regain its temperature (ie: shutting off your air conditioner and opening windows, and shifting into neutral or park if you’re in traffic). Secondly, it will also talk about common overheating causes and road vehicle safety basics if you need to pull over.

My car has overheated. What should I do?

Jamie: Should you ever be driving and your car begins to overheat, there is only one thing to do. Find a safe place to pull over and shut the engine off.  Continuing to drive may cause unnecessary damage to your vehicle’s engine.  Overheating engines are usually caused by a burst coolant hose, leaking components (like a water pump) or lack of maintenance.

Avoid getting stranded and have your vehicle inspected regularly by a Certified Technician like the ones employed by Master Mechanic.

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