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Taking Advantage of Vulnerable People

Too often we hear stories of people — generally women or seniors — feel the need to bring someone with them before accepting a service from a mechanic shop. It’s possible they believe they’re at risk for being duped with exaggerated or unnecessary costs. They’re usually unaware or don’t know the which repairs are actually needed to get their vehicle back in working order. And it takes just one previous bad experience with a former mechanic to make them feel this way.

It’s horrible to think that a mechanic in a position of knowledge would take advantage of a person’s vulnerabilities. A trustworthy mechanic is someone who provides honest and reliable assistance to those looking for car repairs. It’s unfortunate that one person’s misguidance can affect future customer decisions in the long run. The problem with bad business practices is it’s disrespectful to customers. This eventually tarnishes the reputation for a mechanic for years and doing business this way is damaging to any business.

Honest & Reliable Service

At Master Mechanic, we’re proud of our 98% customer satisfaction rating. And a lot of it is contributed by the fact that all our mechanics believe that customer service equality should be practised every day. Whether we’re dealing with a customer who knows the ins and outs about vehicles, or someone who doesn’t know a whole lot. We are committed to the fair and equal treatment of everyone we deal with.

As a professional business, we need to view diversity as an asset which is an important tool for success. When we are able to provide assistance to people of any gender, race, age, religion, or disability, we’re able to grow our business with our customers more proudly and honestly. That’s the rewarding part of the job.

Real Customer Reviews

One of our customers was kind enough to share this review after getting work done at Master Mechanic:

“Master Mechanic is the most honest, reliable, professional garage I’ve ever been to in my life. The mechanics there treat women like people; no mansplaining, no “women’s charge” inflated rates like so many other mechanics. I am a loyal customer for life after being treated to such excellent, reliable, respectable service.”

Reviews like this go back to talking about the rewarding part of the job. We can see a transaction like this and know we did more for this customer than just getting a job done. We value customer feedback both positive and constructive criticism, we take each one into account and learn from every experience. Learn more about Master Mechanic and how we can assist you with your vehicle maintenance and repairs today. Find a local Master Mechanic near you.

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