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Vehicle Maintenance Guest Blog 2: Reasons You Should Drive a Stick Shift

We recently made a new friend at Master Mechanic, Auto Editor for She Buys Cars, Jennifer Greene. Jennifer is a Mom, Wife, Writer and Avid Traveler and wears many hats. She grew up in the car industry and has a love for cars of every kind. Jennifer has learned many lessons in automotive care and maintenance over the years and has taken some time to guest blog to share some of her knowledge with our potential and existing customers!

Five Reasons You Should Drive a Stick Shift

It’s a simple question that strikes fear in drivers everywhere: Can you drive a stick shift?

I for one don’t understand what is so scary about this—I HAD to learn to drive stick or I couldn’t drive. I am so glad my Dad made me learn.  Whether it’s avoiding extra fees for an automatic transmission at the car rental counter or getting that once-in-a-lifetime chance to drive your friend’s husband’s Ferrari if you can say YES, you are ready for the driver’s seat.

Being in automotive circles I have found that far more females don’t know how to drive a stick shift. Don’t you recall the power Julia Roberts character had in Pretty Woman—she was the one teaching the man to drive! Once you have the power of the engine in your hands you will never look back.

5 Simple Reasons To Drive a Vehicle with a Manual Transmission

  1. Control: A stick shift gives you the opportunity to decide the speed of the engine, the speed of your car, and second by second, gives you much better control over the car.
  2. Inspiration: You will inspire other women to be in control of their vehicles and to not be afraid of the car’s mechanics, over time you’ll naturally become attuned to your car’s natural rhythm and function. This also helps you to know when you need to see the mechanic!
  3. Better Gas Mileage and Longer Brake Life: You have full control of the engine’s speed and its operation and can make more economical choices while driving. When you are downshifting, you can use the car’s engine power to slow the car, saving wear on your brakes. Sure your Master Mechanic loves to see you, but those bills can certainly add up.
  4. Safety: You can’t text while you’re driving–and neither can teens at the wheel. It’s almost impossible to manage or operate your device while you’re shifting gears, much less read an email or send a text. And, if you teach your kids to drive a stick shift, they can’t text while driving either!
  5. You won’t be stuck when travelling internationally. Manual cars are far more common (and often are the only option) outside the US, so if you can drive one, you’ll never be stuck at a car rental desk, at your hotel or at the mercy of taxi drivers. Don’t you want to explore the French Countryside at your own leisure, and not on a crowded tour bus?

These are just a few of the reasons why knowing how to drive a stick shift is important, especially for female drivers. Empower yourself, overcome the fear of stalling the car and learn to drive a manual transmission!

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