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Used Car Guide & Auto Repair in Mississauga

Buying a used car can be tricky business – even though Mississauga and the GTA have one of the highest concentrations of dealers in North America. As your friendly provider of auto repair in Mississauga, we can help you decide on the right used car. In our experience, being thorough and doing your research beforehand is the best way to find a safe, reliable, and problem-free ride.

Where To Look

It depends on what you’re looking for. More recent models can be found at new car dealers. They get the first chance with trade-ins and lease-returns, and they auction off less desirable vehicles to wholesalers, where they’re picked up by independent car lots.

Private sellers can be a wild card as sellers are not required to disclose information regarding accident history. If you are considering purchasing a vehicle privately ensure that the seller provides you with a UVIP (Used Vehicle Information Package). This package shows who the true owner of the vehicle is and if there are any outstanding liens against it. Your best bet for a used vehicle purchase is from a registered dealer as there is consumer protection available to you should you have a problem.

Research Less Popular Brands

The most popular brands and model may sell for higher prices. Decide what your needs are, such as 2 doors or 4 doors, automatic or standard, SUV or sedan. Then look at all makes and models until you find something suitable in your price range. Keep an open mind about what make and model you’re looking for.

Create a Shortlist

Once you have narrowed your selection down, choose a few models to research in detail. You can find a wealth of online reviews (especially for older models) analyzing the experience other drivers have had. Research and learn about any common issues, or whether the car has proved reliable. You can also have a chat with your local Master Mechanic for auto repair in Mississauga to help you narrow down your list.

Test Drive Like You Mean It

Don’t stop at a quick trip around the block. Take any car you’re interested in for a long drive, a half hour at least. You need to get a sense of how driving this vehicle would feel on a daily routine. As specialists in auto repair in Mississauga, we know your car will experience everything from stop-and-go city driving to highways and more.

Look Up The History

Several websites offer history reports, but not all collisions are reported. However, these sites won’t have information unless the previous owner went through their insurance. So, for cautionary advice, it’s best to avoid cars from outside of Ontario.

Ask a Technician

At Master Mechanic, we offer more than just auto repair in Mississauga. We’re happy to share our thoughts with you and offer advice for your future car purchase. Since (we hope to be) the ones working on your new (or used) car we can inspect it for you. Often times a trained mechanic can detect signs of damage that has been patched over and isn’t easily apparent to car owners.

When buying a used car, information is your best friend. Being knowledgeable and savvy can get you a better car for a better price. But remember, your expert providers of auto repair in Mississauga can be a great resource in helping you find the best car for you and your family.

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