Maintenance and Preventative Services

Cabin Air Filter


Your vehicle’s cabin air filter filters the air entering the passenger compartment through your vehicle’s air ventilation system and prevents dust, pollen, pollutants, etc., from entering the inside of your vehicle. It should be changed every 20,000KMS or 12 months to keep the air quality in the car cabin as clean as possible.


Over time, cabin air filters become contaminated and blocked, thereby preventing clean air from entering your car’s interior and compromising the air you breathe.

In normal driving conditions, your cabin air filter should be changed every 20,000 km. If you drive in severe conditions, including on dusty roads or in heavy traffic, we recommend changing your filter every 10,000 km.


Your Master Mechanic technician will evaluate the condition of your current cabin air filter. If your cabin air filter is clogged, your technician will recommend changing the filter. If your cabin air filter is still in good condition, you will be advised as to the best time to have it changed in the future.

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