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Engine Cooling System Flush


Engine coolant is responsible for lubricating and protecting components such as the cylinder block, cylinder head, gaskets, radiator, heater core, and water pump while also preventing the engine from being damaged from freezing temperature.  


Over time the properties in your engine coolant begin to break down and sludge, scale, and rust begin to form. When this happens, the tiny passages within the radiator and heater core can become blocked, reducing the flow of coolant to your engine. These conditions can result in poor interior cabin heating (in winter) and insufficient engine cooling and/or overheating (in summer). Your engine’s cooling system should be checked and at every oil change and flushed according to your manufacturer’s recommendation.


Your Master Mechanic technician will perform an engine cooling system flush on your vehicle by replacing the old engine coolant with new engine coolant using specialized equipment. At the same time, your technician will also pressure test your cooling system to ensure there are no leaks in the hose or hose clamp connections.

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