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‘Moms Know Best’ Car Maintenance Tip 2: Routine Maintenance

Have you ever had this happen to you? You’re driving along and you notice a new noise or worse your vehicle starts to run poorly and it seems like it might even stall, leaving you stranded on the side of the road!! Situations like these are stressful for any vehicle owner and are 99% avoidable, here’s how…

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‘Mom Knows Best’ Car Maintenance Tip 4: Tire Damage

A flat or blown tire is every mom’s worst nightmare – especially when their children are in the car. This article will discuss what can be done to prevent tire damage and common causes for this occurrence – including potholes, excessive speed, under inflation, over inflation and impact/road hazards. What causes tire damage? Jamie: “Your vehicle’s tires are the only […]

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‘Mom Knows Best’ Car Maintenance Tip 5: Engine Light

This article discusses the top five (common) reasons why an engine light may come on, including catalytic converter replacement, the gas cap being loose, spark plug replacement, mass airflow sensor and oxygen sensor. By discussing each of these, it’ll give moms peace-of-mind and help them avoid future problems down the road. Will I damage my vehicle if I drive with […]

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‘Mom Knows Best’ Car Maintenance Tip 6: Car Overheated

A common problem in very hot weather, an overheating vehicle can be very stressful – especially if you are left stranded with your children in the car. This article will discuss car maintenance tips to help your vehicle regain its temperature (ie: shutting off your air conditioner and opening windows, and shifting into neutral or park if you’re in traffic). […]

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