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What is The Master Mechanic Promise?

Every year, Master Mechanic Head Office showcases the unique strengths and key focuses that each franchise offers their communities. For the past 14 years, the team at Master Mechanic Matheson have been honoured to win the Master Mechanic Platinum Performance Award. We are so thankful for our staff, who continue to deliver on our promise for top performance each year, […]

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Master Mechanic Matheson – The Hofmann Geoliner 770

How Do I Know My Wheels Aren’t in Alignment? Whether you drive in the best circumstances or not, your car’s wheel alignment is constantly changing. Driving on icy roads, hitting curbs and running over potholes instantly alters your car wheels’ alignment. Here are some indicators it’s time for you to get your alignment checked: Uneven tire wear Steering wheel vibration […]

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Used Car Guide & Auto Repair in Mississauga

Buying a used car can be tricky business – even though Mississauga and the GTA have one of the highest concentrations of dealers in North America. As your friendly provider of auto repair in Mississauga, we can help you decide on the right used car. In our experience, being thorough and doing your research beforehand is the best way to […]

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Bravery In The Face of Uncertainty

Sometimes it’s the youngest people who show us how to be brave. They haven’t been here very long, but they inherently know that life, no matter how hard, should be lived to its fullest, and that in order to do this you need to keep a positive attitude. And Nick and Felicia Beamish of the Master Mechanic Matheson family know this all too well…

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