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Air Conditioning Components Repair / Replacement


The air conditioning system in your car is made up of many components, but the five major ones are: the compressor, condenser, evaporator, receiver-dryer, and an expansion tube. All these components need to be in good working order for your air conditioner to function properly and provide you with a cool and comfortable vehicle. The air conditioning system also helps clear condensation and defrost your front windshield in winter.


In a word…summer! When the hot weather hits, you’ll want your car’s air conditioning system to be functioning at peak capacity. 


With so many parts to your air conditioning system, the first step is for your Master Mechanic technician to determine the cause of the air conditioner malfunction. This is done through a combination of a visual inspection and testing of the controls and components. Once the problem is identified, your technician will recommend replacing, or repairing, the faulty parts. 

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