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Strut Replacement


Struts are the structural part of your car’s suspension. Their job is to integrate many different parts of the suspension system, including springs, shock absorbers, bearings, and the steering knuckle, into one compact component. Struts can be found on the front end of almost every front-wheel drive car.


Your car’s strut system will take quite a beating over time – particularly if you drive over rough or uneven surfaces resulting in tires that cannot grip the road properly. This can leave you with a vehicle that is unstable on a bumpy road, increase braking distance and cause tires to wear out prematurely. Struts should be replaced every 80,000 – 120,000kms.


After your Master Mechanic technician removes the old struts and replaces them with new ones, your suspension system will be checked for any worn or damaged parts that may have resulted from the poorly functioning struts. Your car may also require a wheel alignment after this service is completed. Your technician can evaluate if this extra step is necessary.

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