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Fuel Pump Replacement


Your car’s fuel system is made up of four parts: fuel lines, the fuel tank, the fuel pump, and fuel injectors. Each of these parts must be functioning properly for your car to use fuel efficiently and operate properly. 

The fuel pump is responsible for sending the gas in the tank through the fuel system to the engine. 


While it is usually safe to drive with a malfunctioning fuel pump, it can lead to an overheated engine and overheated catalytic converter. And, if your fuel pump stops working entirely, you can be left stranded out on the road. It is unsafe, however, to drive with a damaged fuel pump if the problem involves leaking gasoline or gas vapours. These can cause a fire and need to be checked immediately by a qualified mechanic.


Your Master Mechanic technician will examine the fuel pump to determine if there is a leak and to confirm that it is malfunctioning. The power supply to the pump will also be checked at this time. If a problem is found, your technician can then determine the extent of the damage and recommend repair or replacement.

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