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Fuel Tank Replacement


Your car’s fuel system is made up of four parts: fuel lines, the fuel tank, the fuel pump, and fuel injectors. Each of these parts must be functioning properly for your car to use fuel efficiently and operate properly. 

The fuel tank is the part of the engine in which fuel is stored and where it is maintained at a temperature below its flash point. This is particularly important because fuel is highly flammable. 


Your fuel tank can be compromised if the undercarriage of your vehicle is damaged or if something other than gasoline is put into the tank. Driving with a damaged fuel tank is never a good idea since any spark can cause the tank to ignite into flames. 


Your Master Mechanic technician will examine the fuel tank from underneath your car to determine if there is a leak. If one is found, your technician can then determine the extent of the damage and recommend repair or replacement.

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