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Ball Joint Replacement


The ball joints in your car connect the wheels to the suspension system and allow them to move together. If you tend to drive on bumpy or uneven roads, your ball joints can wear down. This may cause your car to make mysterious clunking noises and for your steering to drift to one side.


Ball joints help control your steering. Once they are worn out, or become loose, they can seriously affect your car’s suspension and your ability to properly steer the vehicle. If they fail entirely, you could lose a wheel…while you are driving!


Replacing ball joints can be tricky. Your Master Mechanic technician has the skills and experience to ensure the job gets done right. When servicing your car’s ball joints, your technician will:

  • Remove the wheels
  • Remove the control arm(s)
  • Remove and replace ball joints
  • Check the entire suspension system for any problems
  • A wheel alignment may be recommended after the ball joints are replaced.

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