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Fuel Injector Replacement 


Your car’s fuel system is made up of four parts: fuel lines, the fuel tank, the fuel pump, and fuel injectors. Each of these parts must be functioning properly for your car to use fuel efficiently and operate properly. 

The fuel injectors are electronically controlled valves that are responsible for supplying the right volume of fuel into the engine. 


Carbon build-up can clog your car’s injectors preventing them from closing all the way. This could result in a drip that creates a misfire which may cause a lack of power in your vehicle and a decrease in fuel economy. 


During a full fuel injection service, your Master Mechanic technician will check the fuel pump’s pressure and volume as well as inspect all pipes and components that connect to your fuel injectors. Your fuel injector screen and fuel injectors will be flushed and cleaned. Finally, your engine’s computer system will be checked to confirm that it is functioning properly.

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